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Velox Tech

- The right service model for your needs

Velox Tech is a consultancy company for technological solutions with minimal overhead and time consuming documentation. Everything from basic on-demand service to complete care service with run-time warranty is offered. The range and contents of the different services varies within the different product categories and markets. Our skilled workers will be happy to assist you, or you can use the "contact us" form to find the right service model based on your needs and location.

We are following the municipality's guidelines for recycling of waste. When we are flying we will choose carbon offset if available. Our goal is to be sustainable and help our customers to be sustainable. One is impossible without the other. Sustainability is usually seen in perspective of impact on the environment, locally and globally. A less used perspective is the mental environment. We also try to embrace this perspective. This is done by letting ethical evaluations have its natural place in all our work, not an optional add-on.

To be sustainable is a very wide goal with uncountable things to consider. Here again, we wish to be a learning company and continually improve. The world is complex and changing. What was right yesterday is not necessarily right today. But as long as we are aware of this we are on the right track.

As a part of being sustainable we have a life span focus in all of our work. Re-circulation should be on the highest possible level. For all physical products we make, parts heavier than 20 gram will be marked with information to guide re-circulation. We use Open Source software where it is possible, and try to contribute to its further development. We try to support the ideas behind the Right To Repair campaign. For products we make on our own initiative, customers will be given access to its drawings if the product is no longer supported by us. This will make them able to produce their own spare parts. This is to assure that our customers will see that buying our products are investments that will last for a long time.

Corruption amass wealth and influence in a manner that is unsustainable. As a result, we do everything we can to assist countries in their fight against corruption. We are a young, small business with a high level of openness. Either the manager or the chair must approve all spending. They are aware of ISO 37001 ( the standard for Anti-Bribery Management System ) and have made contact with the auditing firm to discuss the matter.

Different needs

Different products have different service and support needs. Based on our knowledge and experience from technology for many years, we have designed service, support and training programs that will ensure that you get the most out of your cooperation with Velox Tech.

Areas of expertise

Velox Tech is a consultancy company for technological solutions with minimal overhead and time consuming documentation. Our main activities are:

  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Complete product design, from idea to mass production handover
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronics design
  • PCB layout
  • Software
  • Web Applications
  • Biological Research
  • Embedded Software / Firmware
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Cybernetics
  • Mechatronics

We pride ourselves in providing valuable engineering solutions in the above fields, in addition to dedicated customer technical support throughout and after projects. We have experience in the fields of products for harsh environments, including aquaculture and agriculture. Other sectors are also welcome.

We also have competence and experience for ISO9001, quality management software and systems, as well as LEAN consultancy projects for both development and production companies.

Five reasons to make customers confident when working with us

Mature choice of a reliable service is the key to progress.

  • Managed from Norway using international expertise and technology.
  • Strict working process, clear assignment plan.
  • Innovative and creative staff that contributes to the company's growth and smart development of products.
  • We are a relatively small company, but with a high knowledgebase measured by international standards.
  • We strive to learn how our products are being used to maximise the benefit for our customers.

Software updates

We will provide you with lifelong software support and updates if you hold license and service support contract with us.

Velox Tech is a learning company that is process-oriented, making draft processes or plans before carrying out repetitive work, then review the plan to see if it worked as intended, and updating it to make improvements the next time it’s done again. By doing so, you are creating best-practice documents becoming company standards about how things are done, and securing efficiency and quality.

While maintaining the real purpose – learning how it could be done better.

The term “standards” have been used by others a lot and does not comply with a learning company. Maybe more when the leaders define how things should be, and the workers must follow them accordingly. For us, in Velox Tech, it’s different. We involve everyone in the company to improve our processes, thus creating “best practices”. Simplification and easy to both understand and execute ensuring the results will not be convoluted standards that no people own, and barely understand.


Technology company bringing the world to the future with world-class knowledge and competence.


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Our history

Velox Tech is a technology company managed using Norwegian expertise bringing the world to the future with world-class knowledge and competence.


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